Sierra Leone: The Land of Forgotten Dreams

In search of a break from an overwhelming period in my life, I decided to hop on a plane and travel 3,493 miles to Sierra Leone.

Brimming with the long lost tales of my family’s history, Sierra Leone is the land we, the younger generation of kids continuously desire to be.

As dreamy as my previous lines read, the painted paradise that appears on your screens, is a tiny fraction of the devastated country’s many narratives. 

The following photographs are shot between March and May of 2018. Depicting a hint of the harsh reality of their societies, these images give you a fragment of insight on the land of forgotten dreams. 

Not everything is as it seems. 

Caught up in our tailored realities, we often lose sight of what is real. To you, it might not be a big deal, but me… I want the world to heal.

What you have seen is a glimpse of reality, and I understand, not everyone will agree. Some might ask why Sierra Leone. Evidently it is no diamond throne! But sometimes you might belong. Wait for me, it won’t be long!

I might hop on another plane to tell your stories. This is not in vain, I’m in love with your territories.I have an inkling feeling that I need to go. There is a lot out there to tell and show!I

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